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Scientist birthday for

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5 - 12 and 13 - 16 years olds, to stimulate their curiosity, inventiveness and keenness to become inventors!

Information iconHOW AND WHY?

At a certain age, all children become very INQUISITIVE, are interested in everything and ask a lot of questions. One day we came up with an idea to successfully take advantage of this curiosity by engaging the children in various experiments and tests, which will change their view of knowledge, homework and science in general. We have set ourselves an objective of creating an interesting, useful, and, most importantly, safe event for children.

After realizing that the wish of inquisitive children is to learn something interesting and new and should be turned into a PARTY. We went to work! We put our heads together, did a lot of research and consulting and as if by magic, a Mad Inventor and a tester of super interesting things appeared in our team. Their experiments and tests will engage, teach and amaze not only children, but their parents as well!

If your little family members are 5-12 years old, then let them travel through a fantastic world of science, where they will learn something useful and have a fantastically fun time...and who knows, maybe some of them will become well-known inventors?!


Everyone thinks that when ordering events for children, mum or dad are the clients, but that is not so! CHILDREN are the clients! We organize events to meet the wishes of children! But we certainly do not forget the wishes of our sponsors (parents) – our events are not only fun, but also safe.

Furthermore, we noticed that children are our best critics....they always show real emotions, and never pretend to be interested when they are not, therefore creating a party for the little ones which would draw them in from beginning to end has become our mission. We are constantly looking for new information by exploring the scientific world, so that our experiments and tests would really amaze, educate and leave our clients with the best possible memories.

Whiteboard iconPROGRAM

The program lasts for two hours and includes:

  1. Hologram
  2. Milk rainbow
  3. Volcano explosion
  4. How to make a Battery out of potatoes
  5. Research of Magic sand
  6. Plasma ball

We all know that children get bored quickly if they are only allowed to be observers, that’s why at our Science Party, we encourage them to actively participate during all the experiments.

We will mail send you our colour Inventor birthday party invitations for free. All you need to do is enter the name of the guest and the date of your birthday and then send them out to all the party guests separately. The color colour printed invitations are completely FREE.


Birthday invitation

Location pin iconPLACE AND PRICE

Children count Price
1-12 195
13-18 255
19-24 295

The Mad Inventor will amaze you with his experiments in your home or in any other chosen location (In London or in surrounding areas by paying extra for travel expenses)

The number of participants should be specified 3 days before the event. The price for the event is not reduced if the number of participants is less than expected.

A deposit of £100 should be paid in advance during booking.

The birthday party is for children who are 5–12 years old and lasts for around 2 hours.





You can pay your deposit (£100) through PayPal. Please use our PayPal email address, which is

If you’d like more information on paying with PayPal, we have a tutorial available at the following link:

If you’d prefer to pay via bank transfer, please use the following details:

Bank: Barclays
Sort code: 20-24-61
Account: 73220885
Reference: event date/time, your child's name

After the deposit payment, please email us so we can check that it has been processed correctly.

Comment bubbles iconCLIENT FEEDBACK

  • Jolanta:

    Hi, thank you for your interest :) Yes, we enjoyed the event very much, the kids were impressed with the experiments and the presenters. They talked about them long after the event and wanted to perform similar experiments at home :) :)

  • Vilgintas:

    Hello. Vilgintas and his company would like to thank the team of scientists for the excellent party. We will certainly recommend it to others. Thank you.

  • Thomas:

    Enjoyed the children's event, the staff worked well and knew how to communicate with kids. The experiments were interesting, the content of the event and its organization were also excellent. Although, I think that when organizing events for children up to 10 years old...

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